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Wholesale import of handcrafted chocolates, cakes, and other baked goods directly from Italy

Are you looking for a reliable supplier to elevate the offerings of your supermarket or chain of stores with high-quality Italian sweets that will captivate your customers’ palates? Chocolitaly is the ideal partner for you!

Chocolitaly specializes in the wholesale import of a wide variety of handcrafted pastries made with the finest Italian ingredients. Our mission is to bring the authentic taste of Italy to your shelves, offering your customers a unique and inimitable taste experience.

With Chocolitaly, you can immerse your store in the magical atmosphere of Italian pastry, delighting your customers with typical sweets such as:

Imported Chocolates and Pralines:

A wide selection of handcrafted chocolates for a refined and delicate taste experience.

Imported Cakes:

Delicious filled and unfilled cakes, prepared with quality ingredients and according to traditional Italian recipes.

Why choose Chocolitaly for the supply of wholesale Italian sweets?

Chocolitaly stands out for its dedication to quality and authenticity, offering its customers a series of unbeatable advantages:

  • Authentic Italian flavors: We guarantee a unique and inimitable taste experience thanks to the use of traditional recipes handed down from generation to generation and the exclusive use of fresh and selected ingredients from the best areas of Italy.
  • Wide variety: We offer a vast range of pastries to satisfy every palate and taste macarons, cakes, chocolate eggs and pralines.
  • Uncompromising high quality: All our products undergo rigorous quality controls at every stage of the production process, to guarantee impeccable freshness, exceptional flavor, and an unparalleled consumer experience.
  • White Label Service: To meet the customization needs of our customers, we offer the possibility of applying their own brand to our products, creating an exclusive line of high quality sweets.
  • Impeccable customer service: Our team of experts is at your complete disposal to provide you with assistance and support in every phase of the import process, from the choice of products to customs procedures, to guarantee you a serene and stress-free purchasing experience.

Contact us and discover how Chocolitaly can elevate your store’s offerings with the highest quality Italian sweets:

If you are interested in importing high-quality chocolates and typical Italian cakes made by Chocolitaly, do not hesitate to contact us for a free and personalized quote based on your specific needs. Our team will be happy to provide you with more information about our products, commercial conditions, and guide you in choosing the perfect sweets for your store.


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